Learn about sewer camera trucks

The millions of pipes that exist beneath us carry extreme importance. Water spewing from your sink faucets, dishwashers, washers and toilets all pay tribute to fully functional piping and sewage control. Deficiencies or malfunctions in these areas can lead to all sorts of serious problems within your Richardson, TX neighborhood or apartment complex. What fixes these problems? Sewer camera trucks.

How exactly do sewer camera trucks operate?

sewer camera truck

First off, these trucks come in all sorts of varieties. You can find one with six wheels carrying a massive debris tank and a 10-foot-long telescopic boom, or you can find one with four wheels carrying a TV inspection room and a 600-foot hose reel. Sewer camera trucks are of course known for their ability to catch all areas of accessibility on camera/video. Inspections can be completed purely through video work. No need to send a worker into a manhole or underground crawlspace, at least not yet. Once the inspection is complete and the trouble area diagnosed, man work may be required.

Sewer camera trucks can execute mainline and lateral inspections. Specified equipment can seal mainline and lateral joints through remote control operation. The innovative technology has eased and facilitated typically difficult tasks. As technology has simplified most everything in this world, it has certainly made its presence known in regard to piping and sewer control.

Common sewer camera trucks include:

  • Mainline/Lateral Inspection
  • Grout Inspection
  • Cutter Inspection
  • Cutter/Grout Inspection
  • Jetters
  • Excavators

Customization and Parts Selection

The cool thing about a sewer camera truck is it can be customized to suit your specific needs. You can access a truck that includes all of what was mentioned above or you can pick and choose the equipment needed to complete one, two, or multiple of the above inspection services. TV inspection equipment is practically endless. You will have all sorts of video and camera options. Also, remote control or omnibus controls to operate the entire system (parts and technology) from one place. Sewer camera trucks are the new wave of sewer inspection.

CLS Equipment Co. works alongside industry manufacturers like Vac-Con, John Bean, CUES, VacStar, Vector and Ravo to ensure THE best sewer inspection equipment is developed and made available. We strive to stay above the industry in research, education and accountability to improve and make safer sewer inspection services.

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