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CLS is the premier Municipal / industrial Equipment Sales company

CLS is proud to be the Texas Sewer Equipment experts, providing almost 15 years of service backed by a team with over 100 years combined experience in equipment knowledge, assessment, and skill of operations. Our goal is to help our customers get the best equipment for their needs, while understanding how to use our equipment with ease and assurance.  CLS customers benefit from our dedication to remain a leader in the industry through research, education, and accountability.

Leading Brands that Represent the Highest Quality in New and Used Municipal and Industrial Equipment

CLS’ established relationship with the nation’s top manufacturers of equipment enables us to provide the best pricing available – backed by a knowledgeable staff of professionals dedicated to offering you training and service unmatched in the industry. Whether you are looking for new or used equipment that will get the job done within your budget, CLS has what you need.

We represent the following brands of equipment for all of your industrial and municipal sewer needs:

  • RAVO
  • Vac-Con
  • CUES
  • John Bean
  • Vector
  • Wachs

Give us a call and our staff will work to determine the best options to meet your Vacuum/Jetting, Hydro excavation, and CCTV Pipeline inspection needs.

Ravo Street Sweepers

CLS equipment also provides the best equipment for your street sweeping needs.  We offer RAVO utility vehicles, known for their sturdiness, effectiveness, and ability to withstand just about any environment. In fact, RAVO is known for its usage in some of the world’s harshest, and most remote regions. Regardless of what climate you are located in, or what surface you need to clean, the RAVO will provide peak performance and sustained durability.

RAVO stands behind their machinery, utilizing a network of top licensed service centers [is CLS one? Should we just emphasize that?) offering worldwide coverage. 

All parts are kept in stock with 24/7 delivery options available through RAVO’s unparalleled supply chain. RAVO will give you the confidence in your equipment no, and well into the future.


Vac-Con provides tremendous value while delivering more power than the competition. Known for innovation, Vac-con©  not only provides the horsepower to get the job done right, but provides ease of use, sustained performance, exceptional durability and un-compromised safety. Some of the benefits you will receive using Vac-con© include:

More Uptime: Vac-con© equipment is among the most durable out there, letting you stay on the job longer, with less downtown

State-of-the-Art Tech: Vac-con© is known throughout the industry for the newest technology and innovation

Proven Success: Vac-con© has a great track record of success including the ability to simply do the job better and last longer than the competition

Greater Confidence: As a Vac-con© customer, you will be assured that your equipment is up to the task today, and for years to come


CUES is known for its ruggedness and reliability, combined user-friendly technology that provides unmatched results for pipeline inspection, rehabilitation, profiling, and decision support software to enable you to best perform asset prioritization projects.

CUE’s extensive line of products can meet just about any need out there, including the most demanding industrial and municipal projects. Backed by the industry’s best customer service and support, CUES is THE answer for those who demand ease of use, exceptional performance, and the latest in technology and innovation. 

Give us a call to learn more about how CUES and help you get the job done.

John Bean Jetters

For customers who demand the best Jet Cleaners, John Bean Jetters’ Jet Sprayer 600 is the answer to your needs.  The Jet Sprayer 600 provides ease of use by requiring only one operator and provides the ability to tow behind pickup. It includes electric breaks and a 600 gallon (2268L) stainless tank that is corrosion resistant and offers curb-side filling utilizing a standard 2½ fire hydrant fitting.

Operators of the Jet Sprayer 600 can perform all operations from the rear-located workstation, enabling easy operation to guide the hose, control the reel, operate the engine and observe the manhole. In addition, this modern piece of equipment provides the most efficient and effective results with a focus on being the safest option on the market – a stark improvement from the traditional method of mechanical sewer cleaning.


Vector is known throughout the industry as a leader in vacuum systems to solve any and all industrial vacuuming and conveyance needs. Their VecLoaders offer exceptional power within a compact design that provides the most innovative technology. Whether you need to move dirt, ash, coal, or blast media, sand, slurry, stone, water, and other flowable bulk material, the VecLoader offers the ability to utilize a wide range of hose sizes including four, five, or six inch diameter hoses, or smaller hoses for those jobs that require it.

VecLoaders also offer flexible design and easy of use. They are designed to be modular and can meet all of your vacuuming and conveyance requirements through their ability to match with a full array of cyclone separators, collections systems, self-dumping hoppers, filter-receivers, and intermediate collection designs.

Vector is known for continual improvements to maintain its industry leading position, so please note that specifications may change without notice.


Wachs Utility Products is a unit of E.H. Wachs, one of the oldest and largest machine tool makers, founded by Edward H. Wachs in Chicago back in 1883. Today, Wachs is a Division of ITW, an industrial manufacturer with operations in 58 countries and 45,000 employees worldwide. Wachs Utility Products benefits from their strong leadership, financial strength and global engineering, sales and product resources.

Municipalities and the water organizations we serve benefit as well, knowing that the investments in valve maintenance equipment made today will be supported and enhanced in the years to come. Wachs has a culture of continual product improvements; upgrades to our VITALS® software for example allow greater compatibility or functionality from our equipment.

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